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How fast can you type?

Typing speed

Thanks to Prem for the link.


Heart rate of 212?

Usually my heart rate remains in the range of 120-170 bpm during the usual 2-3 mile run. But today, as I came over a steep hill, I gave a quick glance at the heart rate monitor only to find a reading of 212!! My heart rate remained in the range of 198-204 for the next few seconds even after slowing down. Other than feeling a bit out of breath, I had no other “symptoms”. How is that possible?

According to the age-old formula, maximum heart rate of a person is 220-age. As much as I remember, I am certainly more than 8 years old. Then I came home and found this link on coming home that explains it well:

I will have to keep a watch for the next few days.